Hello, Everyone!

As we’ve discussed previously Romance Tropes Readers Love Part 1 and Part 2, romance readers have certain expectations when they pick up a romance novel. It doesn’t matter if they’ve read the same premise before, they’re reading the book to satisfy that expectation. The question for the author is how to keep the reader returning when there are several million other books out there telling the same story.

Readers of Other Genres

This doesn’t just apply to romance readers. Mystery readers, thriller readers, name your genre, also have expectations. They read these genres because they know that in those books they will have a satisfying read.

Writing Fresh

Editors, agents, and the other experts tell authors they can write the same story authors before them have written, but that they must write the story fresh. FRESH? What does that mean? Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to that question. When I hear the word fresh, I think of farm eggs. Not quite the same thing as writing a romance novel.

Study Your Favorite Author