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8/18/19, The Romance Novel Part IV

Hello, Everyone! If you’ve followed me as I appease my curiosity about the evolution of the romance novel, you have my deepest gratitude. There are times when my curiosity refuses to be satiated, and I’m not happy unless I’ve uncovered every possible piece of information regarding the subject. So let’s dig into the romance novel [...]

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8/11/19, The Romance Novel, Part III

Hello, Everyone! Are you like me and wonder about the most minute detail about things? I’m an avid researcher and find myself clicking link after link after link when I read something and a question pops into my mind that I need an answer to. That’s how this series about the romance novel started. So [...]

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8/4/19, The Romance Novel, Part II

Hello, Everyone! As I discussed last week, I was curious about the beginnings and the evolution of the romance novel and decided to do a little research. The genre dates back to Ancient Greece with 20 titles known today, though many of these novels no longer exist or exist only in part. 1st Romance Novel [...]

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7/21/19, Summer and Romance

Hello, Everyone! Summer and romance are the perfect combination to make this season wonderful and memorable. Can you remember those special days when you saw THE ONE and your heart went THUD! Or maybe you’re like me and that happened several times. Summer means NO SCHOOL! Those moments made such an impression that you remember [...]

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7/7/19, Questions to Ask Your Favorite Authors

Hello, Everyone! Recently I read an article about what questions to ask your favorite authors. It was an interesting thought, and I wondered, what would I ask? Questions to Ask Your Favorite Authors I’ve attended book signings before. Many in the audience are very engaged and have all sorts of questions to ask or comments [...]

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6/30/19, Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, Everyone! Whether you are an American or not, I hope this is a wonderful day for you. America's Independence Though our founding fathers had no idea that declaring America’s independence would turn into a celebration of fireworks and picnics and gathering with family and friends, I’m still amazed at the brilliant minds [...]

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6/23/19, Tropes Romance Readers Love, Part 4

Hello, Everyone! As I’ve been writing over the past few weeks, when writing romance, authors need to keep in mind the tropes romance readers love. Tropes aren’t limited to romance. Other genres use tropes as well. Because I write romance, I’m focusing on the tropes for romance readers. Tropes Romance Readers Love If you’re wondering [...]

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6/16/19, Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day, Everyone! Today, we celebrate the men who may have been the most influential ones in our lives. My hat is off to the men who undertook the most daunting task of bringing children into the world and guiding them and nurturing them. This is a noble enterprise indeed. Celebrating Fathers And today [...]

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