4/14/19, Welcome Spring with these FREE Sweet Romances

Hello, Everyone! Spring is such a wonderful time of year. Everything is fresh and new. The trees turn pale green and their branches burst with pink and green buds. The daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and crocus are exploding with color in the garden. Last spring, we planted flowering trees. Thankfully, they survived the winter and now [...]

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4/7/19, Writing a Series

Hello, Everyone! Are any of you fans of reading or writing a series? When I first started writing, many, many years ago, I wrote standalone novels. I hadn’t read many series except Nancy Drew. Maybe Nora Roberts. I don’t remember if series were popular back in those days. Writing a Book Series Then I discovered [...]

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3/31/19, Thinking of a Book Title

Hello, Everyone! When writing a book, there are so many aspects to consider. The author isn’t just writing a story. She has other things to think about—like the cover and the title. Thinking of a book title can almost be as difficult as writing the story. It has to be unique, and it has to [...]

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3/24/19 Writing Software

Hello, Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying a lovely spring, if you live in my part of the world. The nicer the weather, the more difficult it is to stay indoors and write, but I give myself incentives as I’m always looking for ways to convince myself to plop myself in front of the computer. Writing [...]

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3/17/19, Military Academy

Hello, Everyone! It’s hard to believe that spring is around the corner especially since we’re digging out of the latest snow storm. I long for warmer climates. On these cold days, I reminisce about the places we’ve visited in the past which are enjoying lovely weather right now. Charleston One of my favorite places to [...]

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3/10/19, The 21st Century Heroine

Hello, Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend, even if we did lose an hour of sleep this morning due to daylight saving time. Last week, I blogged about the heroines that appeared in romance novels when I first started to read those books. These women were young and beautiful, but that seemed to [...]

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3/3/19, Changing Times

Hello, Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend, maybe even curled up with a great book. That’s my favorite way to spend the weekend, especially if I’m reading a romance novel that whisks me far away from reality. When I first started to read romance novels, the books were chaste. Maybe there was a [...]

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2/24/19, Crystal Creek Series Book Tour

Hello, Everyone! Since 2014, I’ve been writing the Crystal Creek Series. These books are dear to my heart because the ranch is modeled after the ranch where my father was raised near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I had to make some changes in the ranch. Crystal Creek is near Denver, Colorado, so I placed the town to [...]

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2/17/19, My Favorite City So Far

Hello, Everyone! A few months ago I wrote a story to be included in a Christmas Anthology called ‘Tis the Season. I took that opportunity to write about my favorite city. Charleston is an amazing city with beautiful buildings and deep history. I love reading southern historicals. I’m from the west and not familiar with [...]

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2/10/19, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone! Isn’t it wonderful that we have one of the most amazing holidays of the year, Valentine’s Day, in the middle of winter? I look out the window and see gray skies and brown grass and bare trees and I long for spring. I’m a huge fan of spring because it gives [...]

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