7/7/19, Questions to Ask Your Favorite Authors

Hello, Everyone! Recently I read an article about what questions to ask your favorite authors. It was an interesting thought, and I wondered, what would I ask? Questions to Ask Your Favorite Authors I’ve attended book signings before. Many in the audience are very engaged and have all sorts of questions to ask or comments [...]

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6/30/19, Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, Everyone! Whether you are an American or not, I hope this is a wonderful day for you. America's Independence Though our founding fathers had no idea that declaring America’s independence would turn into a celebration of fireworks and picnics and gathering with family and friends, I’m still amazed at the brilliant minds [...]

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6/23/19, Tropes Romance Readers Love, Part 4

Hello, Everyone! As I’ve been writing over the past few weeks, when writing romance, authors need to keep in mind the tropes romance readers love. Tropes aren’t limited to romance. Other genres use tropes as well. Because I write romance, I’m focusing on the tropes for romance readers. Tropes Romance Readers Love If you’re wondering [...]

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6/16/19, Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day, Everyone! Today, we celebrate the men who may have been the most influential ones in our lives. My hat is off to the men who undertook the most daunting task of bringing children into the world and guiding them and nurturing them. This is a noble enterprise indeed. Celebrating Fathers And today [...]

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6/9/19, Romance Tropes Readers Love – Part 3

Hello, Everyone! As we’ve discussed previously Romance Tropes Readers Love Part 1 and Part 2, romance readers have certain expectations when they pick up a romance novel. It doesn’t matter if they’ve read the same premise before, they’re reading the book to satisfy that expectation. The question for the author is how to keep the [...]

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6/2/19, FREE Sweet Romances Just for You!

Hello, Everyone! I love these lazy days of summer when I can sit outside and read—in the shade, of course. If your passion is reading, you’ll love this offer. A group of talented authors has contributed their books to this Sweet Romance promotion, which is available for the entire month of June, but don’t delay [...]

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5/26/19, Memorial Day        

Hello, Everyone! It took the loss of someone close to me to realize the true significance of Memorial Day, which is a day to honor those who died, gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. We have freedom because of those who served to protect us. Memorial Day Holiday Weekend For many, it’s a [...]

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5/19/19, Romance Tropes Readers Love (continued)

Hello, Everyone! Two weeks ago, I blogged about romance tropes readers love. I had read an interview with a romance editor and what she said surprised and intrigued me for a number of reasons, but mostly because these tropes the editor said readers love were the same ones that had been popular when I first [...]

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