Hello, Everyone!

Two weeks ago, I blogged about romance tropes readers love. I had read an interview with a romance editor and what she said surprised and intrigued me for a number of reasons, but mostly because these tropes the editor said readers love were the same ones that had been popular when I first started reading romance DECADES ago.

The Romance Tropes

Audiences grow and age, but apparently, their tastes and expectation remain the same, but that last phrase isn’t quite true. These tropes don’t remain the same because readers want the tropes told in a fresher way which creates a challenge for the author to tell the same story but in a way that doesn’t mimic what the reader discovered and liked in another book.

Secret Baby Romance

In my blog, I wrote about the heroine from a small town who had to leave several years ago and didn’t tell her boyfriend she was leaving and didn’t tell him that she was pregnant—the secret baby trope. Now she must return to town for some reason and of course meets the ex who never understood why she left and who always wanted a family.

Of course, the heroine doesn’t want her child and the ex to have a relationship, but the ex is a likable guy and the child is adorable so naturally,